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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iTunes Has It All iPad -Ipad-iPhone--Apps-Games-Movies-Books?

Mr. Roberts from my office already has two iPhones, an iMac and a MacBook  laptop, but he "had to have an iPad," he said. Everyday , you hear of new customers reaching out for the iPad.I waited long enough & I'm going to get one today!

"It's changing the whole attitude  of how we will use computers," he said, and he has to test all the apps and the touch screen and do reports for this blog. So far he's tested over 300 apps!! Finding your favorite app in the iTunes App Store is a monumental task. With over half a million apps and associated downloads, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you need it, it's there!

The  iPad is also attracting more new customers everyday and 2011 will see over another 2 million units sold, I would imagine.

On Friday, friends of ours bought their first Apple device, an iPod touch, but they were now intrigued by the hype surrounding the iPad, and all the apps and hooplah surrounding them in the news.

The couple quickly found themselve poised to buy a 32 GB iPad, and also found several doxen apps, movies, songs and books online, to add to their new collection of toys.

"We were going to use the touch as a test run," said the Ukrainian shopper. , "but never mind the test." Added Mr. Doi: "I have to say they did a good job hyping it.It sold me.

Audio Books could turn into a major draw for the iPad.. One woman drove for 30 minutes from Clarkston, Mich., with her husband and three children to pick up two reserved iPads — a 32-gigabyte model for her and a 64-gigabyte version for her husband. Mrs. Evans's first download was the Bible. "One of my main reasons for buying an iPad is to be able to bring it to church," Mrs. Evans said.

The most popular paid apps were Apple's own productivity software, and games. Apps for the iPad were priced, on average, at $4.99, higher than the average of $3.37 for iPhone apps, according to an analysis by Mobclix Inc. The largest single category of iPad apps was games, more than 800 of which charged for downloads, the company said.

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