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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top 25 Games -Best Digital Downloads-PSP-Xbox-Playstation-PS2

Top 25 Games

1. Try Stacking 3 Samely Coloured Boxes
2. Mission R4 June
3. Reel Gold
4. Night Raptor
5. Super Fish
6. Chaos
7. More Beer
8. Black 2
9. Blob Wars
10. B.L.A.C.K.
11. Avoid the Reporters
12. Joueur
13. Ammo Chase
14. 3D Breakout
15. Air Wolf
16. Nun Gunner
17. Core Saluage
18. Sword of Orion
19. Fall Down
20. Solitaire
21. Trojan Guard
22. Goats go to Hell/Sheep go to Heaven
23. Rumble Ball Reloaded
24. Brag Racer V.3
25. Breakdown

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over 6000 E-Books Available for Blackberry Downloads

U.S. E-Book Sales To Reach $2.7 Billion In 2013

Falling prices and new business models will help U.S. e-book unit sales to grow from an estimated $313 million in 2009 to $2.7 billion in 2013, according to a new Yankee Group forecast. The research firm predicts that e-book downloads will outpace those of paid mobile apps during the period, growing at an annual rate of 83% compared to 72%.

A separate Gartner forecast last week predicted that mobile app sales worldwide will triple to $15.1 billion in 2011 from $5.2 billion last year.

In addition to wider adoption of e-book readers -- the Kindle has become Amazon's best-selling product ever -- the growing affordability of digital titles will be a key factor driving sales. By 2013, the typical e-book retail price will fall to $7, down from an average of more than $9 in 2009, according to Yankee Group. With a third of consumers on the fence about embracing e-books, lower prices could help make the difference.

New ways of selling e-books and new formats will also help expand the market. Emerging models include e-book rentals from companies like Chegg and Skoobit, which allow students to rent textbooks at discounted prices for a given period. Given the high cost of print textbooks, the study noted that a quarter of students express high interest in e-books, making college campuses a ripe market.

Other business approaches expected to gain steam in 2011 include ad-supported e-books, micropayments for book chapters and shorter works and annual subscriptions. Sesame Street's online store, for instance, offers 100 e-books for $40 a year.

The Yankee report also points to a growing range of tools for discovering e-books, including predictive analytics engines such as Reader and WhatShouldReadNext. Google's integration of e-books into search results and book-based social networks like HarperCollins' and Inkpop will also play a role in boosting sales.

New e-book formats -- such as platforms from Vook and Sideways that enable authors to embed audio and video into their text -- will provide additional incentives for people to make the switch from print. Amazon nearly doubled its e-book library from 450,000 to 810,000 titles in December.

While projecting that e-book revenue will top app sales in the next few years, the study nevertheless highlights the importance of apps and smartphones to the e-book market. Barnes & Noble's e-book apps for the iPhone hit 1 million downloads in three months. "Exposure to e-books through smartphone apps has led nearly a third of smartphone owners to consider digital formats," states the report.

Given that, Apple's reported rejection of Sony's iPhone app for buying e-books from the Sony Reader Store could be a troubling signal. What impact that move could have on companies like Amazon, which offer free mobile apps and sell e-readers competing with the iPad, isn't clear. The online retailer also offers apps on other smartphone platforms including Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. The company last month said Kindle e-books now outsell paperback books on

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mobile 'apps' to be $58 billion market- Best Digital Products Downloads

Mobile applications downloaded from online stores will be a $58 billion worldwide business by 2014, as tablet computers such as Apple's iPad stoke the surging market, a new study said Monday.

The figure marks a huge increase on the $5.2 billion spent on mobile applications in 2010, technology consultancy Gartner said, predicting there will be 17.7 billion application downloads this year, more than double the 8.2 billion in 2010.

By the end of 2014, Gartner forecasted that over 185 billion applications will have been downloaded since 2008.

Gartner added that while the average number of downloads to mobile phones will remain stable, "it must be assumed that media tablets will drive more downloads from consumers, boosting the overall average downloads per device."

Mobile application revenue was generated both by fees paid for the downloads and developers' advertising revenue, it said.

The soaring growth in the market was partly driven by new alternatives to Apple's well-known App Store, with Nokia and Blackberry maker Research in Motion among those unveiling competing offerings.

Free downloads are forecast to account for 81 percent of total mobile application store downloads in 2011, Gartner said, adding that paid for applications will rise as people "become more trusting of billing mechanisms."

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