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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newest FloTv Reviews - Excitement Builds In Mobile Television Flo TV

See it. Love it. Have it.

and for just $195.00, I can't imagine anyone complaining or hating it!!!

This is what everyone is saying about Flo TV-Mobile Television
This isn't complicated. In fact, it's super simple. It's mobile TV at the touch of a button. It's what you love about TV -- made personal and portable.

Instant Access

Turn on the FLO TV™ service and you're watching TV. It’s just that easy. And just that fast. An at-a-glance program guide makes finding programs a breeze. Need to change channels? It takes less than two seconds. Scroll up, scroll down, just like at home.

24/7 Programming

Up early or out late? That's ok. We've got 24/7 programming that includes a variety of live, simulcast, and time-shifted shows. The FLO TV service was designed with the mobile lifestyle in mind. Now anytime is primetime. And you can stay connected, informed and entertained -- without staying home!

Full Length Shows

If you think mobile TV is a bunch of clips and highlights you have to download – think again. The FLO TV™ service has full–length episodes of today's hottest shows. What's more, you can watch breaking news, concerts, and live events.

Parental Controls

Don't want the kids accessing certain programs or channels? Don't worry. Parental controls let you restrict individual shows by ratings or you can block entire channels. Want to see how many features....

I found this on Amazon and they are selling like the Apple Ipad did last week when it was first coming out. Take a peek at Amazons copy

Check out the Flo TV user Guide here:

I think FloTv will be most popular with the away from home crowd, just like the newest Satellite to PC craze that has been happening lately. people want to take their luxuries with them and I saw a recent picture from an airport screening machine, where the contents of a flyers carry on, looks like an elctronics store in a bag. We are so spolied! Check it out at Amazon today.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Indexed in Google in Under 15 Minutes- Article Marketing Robot

This sounded too good to be true, so as usual, any offers that I get into my mail, get researched and used before they get put into my personal arsenal of internet marketing tools

This newest tool is called Article Marketing Robot and its claim to fame is that it boasts over 1234 Article Directories in the database that you can submit to. I can honestly attest to that and when you take the 5 Day Trial, you will see for yourself. However, can you actually SUBMIT to all 1000+ directories. the quick answer is NO, the other answer is, with a little tweaking and a little work, you can get it to do about 75% of that. Still, thats a hell of a lot better than 20 minutes each article. Anyone care to dispute this? Of course, I should NOT have used the SAME exact article as Google will punish for duplicate content, but I wasn't worried as I rank high enough on page one now anyways

I spoke with the originator and writer of the software, who asked me to Beta Test it and I must honestly say that I am impressed so far.

I am not going into how all of this works. Thats what the video is for. I watched him submit and actually get his site indexed in UNDER 15 MINUTES, in Google Cache Directory

I then set my copy up in about 30 minutes. After you enter in all your information and import /and or spin your articles, then its time to include directories

I chose ALL. I did not allow it to schedule 10-100 per hour. I let it all go at once and in 18 minutes, I had 655 Directories submitted to.

ONE Warning, do NOT use your PRIMARY e-mail address!!!. I had over 400 confirmation messages in the first ten minutes. Most were just deleted, some asked for confirmation, and alot was signups for extended services, but you still have to read thru them.

All in all, I am impressed as every day, my site numbers have gone up steadily by anywhere from 15-45 hits each day, and

For an insiders view on this fantastic Tool, see Article Marketing

If you haven't been reading my blog daily, my previous post below is for the Article Video Robot, which turns acticles into Video and Google loves them

If you are REALLY serious about Article Rewriting, and using both of these tools, along with having YOUR articles rewritten for you, then also see my site at: Article Rewriting Service

You can also watch the video there for free on article rewriting

Have a great weekend and happy promoting..John

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Promote Articles & Increase Web Traffic with NEW Article Video Robot

I have added yet one more AWESOME tool to my recent arsenal of article promotion tools. See ARTICLE PROMOTION tools.

Its been a long time waiting, but its here. I can turn any of my promotional articles to Videos in 3 minutes and be listed across all the video sites in the same day with just a little work.

** Big News Today My Friends...**

I believe you already know that article marketing is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic and backlinks to your website.

But there is another powerful tool that can be used to generate even more traffic.

It’s called Article To Video Marketing.

For The First Time In History, You Can Turn Your Articles To LIVE And TALKING Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes!

This groundbreaking technology is called the Article Video Robot and you can check it out here: Article Video Robot
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After you see this, it will Change Everything You Have Heard, Seen Or Tried In Article Or Video Marketing. This is powerful powerful stuff - don’t miss it.

All you have to do is Copy & Paste Your Article Into This Software And it just Converts Your Article Into A Hot Marketable Video Instantly!

You don't even have to leave your desk or touch a camera! If you upload your article to, then you simply enter your article URL into the Article Video Robot - and BAM! Out comes a video in less than 2 minutes!

Videos are completely customizable too! This is HUGE news for the IM crowd - how many PLR articles do you own right now?? Why not convert them to VIDEO and start raking in extra traffic - and higher search engine ranking?

You are among the FIRST to see this new technology, so now is the time to jump right in and put it to use for your own business today.

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Article Video Robot -->>

Please read the other posts in my Blog below to see the article rewriting service that I use Article Rewriting Service can help you with all of your article rewriting needs. Good luck!

Article Promotion Drives Website Traffic

Web Traffic is basically the amount of visitor volume that reaches any given website, blog, article, or advertising link. If you have a website, you already know all about traffic. If you are just starting out in the web promotion world, you would probably want to have many people visiting your website as possible, but like many small site owners, you don't have the capital to buy advertising to drive traffic to your site. Without paid, your traffic to your site will be minimal. At least, thats what everyone has always told you.

But what if there was a way to achieve this goal without spending a dime?There is a free way to increase traffic overnight and it can take you anywhere from one hour a week to several hours, depending on the help you have, the tools you use and the way you get the word out about your site.

Let me introduce you to the world of article writing, promotion and marketing. Today, there are vast numbers of websites getting all the free organic traffic that they have wished for and with proper practice and experience, You can have this same traffic going to your site.

It is important that visitors in your website MUST Become interested in the product you are selling. When you have this type of visitor, this is called targeted web traffic. This is how here is where relevant article marketing comes in. You simple create a relevant article about your product or website that you want to get traffic. You submit this article
to any or all of the several hundred article directories listed on Google.

You then write your 300-500 word article and be sure NOT to copy anyone elses material. Remember to include the URL of your website in the resouce box, which is where you tell 1-2 lines about yourself and inform the reader that they must click on your link to learn more. Remember that if the article is boring, your reader usually will not finish reading it, and then it becomes useless as no one will read it.

The nezt step is submitting these to the top article directories and hundreds of lower ranked directories. use as many as you wish. More articles, bring more traffic, but remember, you must submit original copy to each article website. Don't make the mistake of sending one original article to 100 sites, as Google will call thei duplicate content and you will not get ranking credit for this.

Article targeted traffic is one of the most important factors to insure the success of a commercial website. As far as paying for rewriting tools, software or automatic article submitters, all of your info is free. Article you have researched this fiels a little, you will see that they are many companies that will help you with writing your articles for a fee.

if you would like to see a video on the one that I use and some of the tools I use, see:
Article Marketing