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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Promoting Websites Using Secret Article To Video Campaigns

The world of article marketing has exploded lately with the publicized reports of promises of increased webpage rankings and instant Google indexing. If you want to know these steps to making your website come alive with NEW traffic, please read on

Any Internet marketing or promotional campaign has many steps. Very simply put, I am going to show you how to utilize the easiest ways to use FOUR simple steps that I use every day. If you can follow these steps to the letter, you will see your website get increased traffic within days and you SHOULD jump to the first page of most search engines in 30 days.

Of course, nobody can guarantee your success, including me, but from experience, heres how I have promoted my site to Google Page one in 30 days. Are You Ready?

1.) You HAVE to create 7-14 Articles about your site. Period. If you are NOT a good writer, find someone who is or see my link at the end of this article and start to learn how to do this. Its crucial that you have these articles written as professional as possible

2.) Next, you have to submit EACH article to many FREE article directories. This can be done one at a time by yourself, or by using Article Submitting Software, or by hiring an outside firm to submit these for you. You want to make sure you are submitting at least 30-60 articles EVERY week to the list of free article directories. Each directory MUST have a new exclusive version of your submitting same copies to everyone. I submit to 300+ directories every week & every other site gets a different reading article.

3.) Take your original articles to an Article Rewriting Service and have several copies made from your originals. If you are submitting 30 sites a week, then you should have 30 rewritten versions of your article. This is what article rewriter software does, or rewriting services do for a living

4.) Make each original article that you have into a promotional web video using simple article to video software, or hire out to have someone do this for you. I have included ideas on my site for you. You are then going to submit these newly created videos to the web video submission sites such as Yahoo, YouTube, Veoh, and several others that are appearing weekly. You'll find these when searching for video submission sites. I submit to about thirteen sites each week.

Your online article and video marketing strategy is to make your point very clear about your site or product that you are promoting, so it is easy to follow and understand.

The secret to effective video marketing is to create smaller videos rather than longer videos due to the fact that will be getting valuable internet real estate, and you want to keep your viewers interested without getting bored. Get your point across in the least amount of time as possible.Video ranks higher than articles in search engine, and Google owns YouTube, so its not hard to guess which video site to promote to constantly!!!

The video software that I use creates a nice video from the article that you have already written. You can add music, sound, voiceover and text. I use the robot voice and it sounds just fine.

Once you have your article and video creation routine all set up, your weekly time to process all of the above should be about 2-3 hours. I can create an article, have it rewritten thru my service, and get it submitted to all article directories and video directories each week, in 3 hours. However, if you plan to submit these by yourself, one by one, I can honestly tell you to allow the good part of a day to do this. I did this for about a month and it got very old ...real fast.

I hope that you will find and use the tools that are best suited for you and ones that you feel comfortable with and can afford, whether it be software or human promotion services. With all of this in mind, you can bank on your website seeing increased rankings every week

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In closing, I just want to say that THESE tools are the ones that I use EVERY WEEK in my online marketing campaigns, and without them, you can be assured that I would never have a minute of spare time on Promotion Days. Now, I am tied up for 1-2 Hours and thats it for the week!

Good Luck and write if you need more info...JB

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