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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newest FloTv Reviews - Excitement Builds In Mobile Television Flo TV

See it. Love it. Have it.

and for just $195.00, I can't imagine anyone complaining or hating it!!!

This is what everyone is saying about Flo TV-Mobile Television
This isn't complicated. In fact, it's super simple. It's mobile TV at the touch of a button. It's what you love about TV -- made personal and portable.

Instant Access

Turn on the FLO TV™ service and you're watching TV. It’s just that easy. And just that fast. An at-a-glance program guide makes finding programs a breeze. Need to change channels? It takes less than two seconds. Scroll up, scroll down, just like at home.

24/7 Programming

Up early or out late? That's ok. We've got 24/7 programming that includes a variety of live, simulcast, and time-shifted shows. The FLO TV service was designed with the mobile lifestyle in mind. Now anytime is primetime. And you can stay connected, informed and entertained -- without staying home!

Full Length Shows

If you think mobile TV is a bunch of clips and highlights you have to download – think again. The FLO TV™ service has full–length episodes of today's hottest shows. What's more, you can watch breaking news, concerts, and live events.

Parental Controls

Don't want the kids accessing certain programs or channels? Don't worry. Parental controls let you restrict individual shows by ratings or you can block entire channels. Want to see how many features....

I found this on Amazon and they are selling like the Apple Ipad did last week when it was first coming out. Take a peek at Amazons copy

Check out the Flo TV user Guide here:

I think FloTv will be most popular with the away from home crowd, just like the newest Satellite to PC craze that has been happening lately. people want to take their luxuries with them and I saw a recent picture from an airport screening machine, where the contents of a flyers carry on, looks like an elctronics store in a bag. We are so spolied! Check it out at Amazon today.

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