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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The #1 Bestselling Product on Amazon Right Now... Kindle Wireless Reading Device.

We wrote about the Kindle in previous posts and by now we have all heard the pros and cons, but I am hooked, and I have nothing bad to say except...I LOVE IT!!!

What a piece of technology and how could I have lived so long without it. I just created an E-Music account to download E-Books (

Heard any good Audiobooks lately? Get one free!

And an Audibles E-book Account at

Buy 3 audiobooks and get a FREE mp3 player.

Watch The Video Demonstration Kindle

Now, listen carefully, if you buy THREE E-Books and join the club, they send you a FREE MP3 Player, so you you join E-music and Audibles, give your kids the 35 Free songs from E-Music, and you keep the E-Music Free AudioBook for your first book for your Kindle

THEN, you sign up for Audibles Sale Starter Kits, get THREE more books for yourself for $10.00 plus $9.95 shipping, give the MP3 Player to the wife or kids

and they'll leave you and your Kindle alone to enjoy your E-Books out laying in the hammock. Think Summer if you are in the East Coast like I am

Okay, thats the best I can do on deals today

Hope you can take advantage of SOME of the specials, but if not, at least you'll enjoy the Kindle. You won't be sorry. Read on...JB

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