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Monday, March 22, 2010

Unique Article Wizard-Article Rewriting Services- Exciting Changes For 2010


The company  has seen tremendous growth in the Article Writing and Article Rewriting Services. The current boom in web promotion and article marketing has put a new burden on companies to hire real human rewriters to handle its work load. The company has been so successful in its new launch, that the backlog for unique quality rewritten articles has burdened the company workforce, in the form of delays, but they are handling these issues successfully and things are turning around. The customers, including myself, are very understanding and are willing to wait extra time for the amount of quality articles that you get from a Human Rewriter vs. a software rewriting application. There is still a good amount of time that needs to be devoted to the article rewriting software also, so it does not make you free of this chore.I am not real good on the software end of things, but it wasn't too long before I decided that I was still actually putting too much of my work day into writing and rewriting articles. So I made the move and haven't been happier. They offer an article submission service which is included in the plan also, which in turn, cuts hours off my article submitting program.I still use the Article Submission software for making up what the company doesn't do, and I am happy with that

We’ve been working on this update for the past 5 months, adding in as many new, useful features as we possibly could! You can now use us for a wide variety of your content needs, not just simple sentence by sentence rewrites.

Here’s a simple overview of all the new features that have been added:

Original Article Writing
Get new unique content written from scratch. Content is based on your keywords and is fully researched and proofed.

Human Powered Submissions
Our article submission specialists will upload your content to any site you wish.

Paragraph And Article Rewrites
Get rewrites done on the paragraph and article levels for higher levels of uniqueness.

Advanced Campaign Settings
Amp up your campaigns by creating standard settings for everything, even your entire article submission setup.

24/7 Quality Assurance
All rewrites for premium members go through a second quality check by QA specialists before they are sent to you.

Mass Upload Articles
Upload rewrites and original articles using csv files to create an unlimited amount of jobs quickly and easily.

To learn more about all the new features just login and head to the upgrade page

We’ve made a ton of changes to the basic interface too! Here’s a quick rundown:

» Better campaign overviews
» Completely overhauled rewrite lists, see how many rewrites are in what states and how many submissions you have
» The order rewrite button is replaced after you place an order to prevent accidental duplicate orders
» Better email notifications, see all the names of the articles you have pending
» Recent blog posts now on dashboard, keep up with Human Rewriter news easily
We have even more great things in store for our customers in development. We’ve been in business for almost a year now and have appreciated all the great feedback we have been getting, this update is the foundation upon which many more new features are going to be added in the coming months.

Unique Article Wizard wants you to try the program and see what they have to offer. If you are anything like me and tired of Article rewriting software, and have finally decided to outsource this portion of your busy workday, then UAW is the company for you. Real Human Rewriters, real articles, Human quality control, and you have the right to approve or reject your rewritten articles before the final purchase.Now thats service that I can't be without. What about you? For a Video Demonstration , go here: Article Writing Services

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