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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4

Why Jailbreak  Your iPhone at all?

If you search on Google, you'll find 100 pages offering to jailbreak iphone 4 or unlock iphone 4 and many other models of iphone

To be honest, there are several dozen companies doing all of the jailbreaking, but all in all, there are only four GOOD companies that I use

I have listed all  4 on my Facebook page here:
How To Jailbreak iPhone 4

With the introduction of iPhone AppStore, with thousands of apps from which to choose, why do we still need to jailbreak? Even with the presence of AppStore, here are the top four reasons mutually agreed upon by most iPhone users:

Reason 1: Unlock iPhone
Lastly, the most common reason for jailbreaking iPhone is for the unlocking process. This is one of the mandatory steps you need to do before you can unlock iPhone. Our unlocking solutions will guide you through the process.

Reason 2: Install 3rd pary applications via Cydia and Installer
The introduction of AppStore in iPhone 2.0 is an excellent feature. But even with thousands of applications available on AppStore, there are some other great applications such as Netshare, which was banned by Apple for certain reasons. And this is the place where Cydia and Installer comes in and let you download all third party applications. Some of the great applications you can find on Cydia are:

    NemusSync - Sync iPhone calendar with Google Calendar
    MxTube - Download and save YouTube videos on your iPhone
    iAcces - Allows you to utilize Chinese Input Methods
    iPhoneModem - Lets you use your iPhone as modem and give your laptop connection to the Internet via iPhone
    Mame4iPhone - Play arcade games on your iPhone

Reason 3: Changing iPhone's Look & Feel
Are you bored with the standard icons that come with iPhone? Ever think of changing the look of iPhone? With jailbreak iPhone, you can use Winterboard to apply theme on iPhone and make it look even cooler.
Reason 4 - Gain full control of your iPhone
This may not be the reason for non-tech iPhone user. But for geeks, this may be why you need to jailbreak the iPhone. As you may know, the inner part of iPhone is a trimmed-down version of Mac OS X, which is actually a Unix core. So, you may wonder whether you can install some Unix applications such as Apache web server on the iPhone. The answer is yes. With iPhone jailbreak, you can install a lightweight version of HTTP server and other similiar servers. And one server that most Jailbreak iPhone users are using is a SSH daemon. With SSH, you can connect to iPhone remotely and transfer any file to and from it. Pretty cool, right? Join now and let us show you how to jailbreak iphone and unlock iphone.


How To Jailbreak iPhone 4

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