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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Find Facebook Games and Thousands Of More Addicting Games Free on Facebook

Find Facebook Games and Thousands Of More Addicting Games Free on Facebook

by Sveta Malinka on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 5:51pm
Find Facebook Games and Thousands Of More Addicting Games Free on Facebook

Just like the millions of game players around the world, I also spend a good deal of time online playing the more addicting games for hours on end every week, but there came a time when I was sick of all of the same old games that I always would find on Facebook and play for weeks or months on end.. Then, like many other Facebook users, I started to wonder just how many people with Facebook accounts, who are into playing Facebook games, actually know that there are thousands of more addicting games on the Facebook platform. You can search and find Facebook games by simply typing in the name of the Facebook games in the search window on any page, or in the same window, type in the name of the Facebook games that you want to find and play.

Now, lets discuss how to find Facebook games that are not under Facebook control, but are just as good, have a much larger variety and can lead to even more addicting games that Facebook users are used to playing. There are literally tens of thousands of more addicting games available for you to play, but you have to know the easiest and most convenient way to find and play them. If this is interesting to you and you would like to see what is available to you for free games, please read on, and I will show you how to find Facebook games and many of thousands more.

When someone mentions the word Facebook and Games in the same sentence, the average gamer who is even remotely addicted to online games, sees a vision of all of their more addicting Facebook games they they love and cherish on Facebook, just waiting for them to return and spend even  more hours having fun, working up through the levels, leaving opponents in the dust, or scoring an insane number of points and advancing their game to another level. Everyone has their favorite Facebook games. Many of the guys  like Mafia Wars, many enjoy CityVille, the younger crowd likes the Indiana Jones or Sims type games, the women prefer Diamond Dash, Bingo Blitz, Slot games, and now even games of chance, along with everyones favorite games like hidden objects, puzzle and word games. Parents can find more addicting games online for their children of all ages. Online social and casual gaming is here to stay. So, what will you do with more addicting games just waiting for you to access them?

Games  being played on Facebook are on everyone's mind. Any gaming poll will tell you that 90% of the people who use Facebook are also hooked on the these games, along with even more lesser know games. As I promised earlier, here is how to find Facebook games that are not controlled by Facebook.

Remember I told you about the search window on any Facebook page? You are now going to use that same window to search for and find other games that are here on Facebook, thousands of them from both small and large game companies and  developers.

First, go ahead and make a list of exactly what type of games you want to search for, and there are probably many. Will it be Arcade games, Browser games, RPG or role playing games, Puzzle games, Strategy or action games.....try to narrow the list and be as precise as you can be before you start searching

Now take your first search word or phrase of the games that you want to find on the Facebook servers. Start typing and will will see results popping up as you type. Wait until you type the complete word or phrase before you go clicking on any terms. You will need to decode what kind of page you are clicking on first and also to see how many likes or visitors that those sites are getting.

In the results window, you will see your choices grouped under category heading such as, Website, Pages, Groups, Games, Apps, People, Pages,Products and Places. So many choices to find Facebook games. But you want to limit yourself to Games, Websites, or Products to start with, and you want to make sure that there are some likes, visitors or subscribers to that games page.The top games results in Facebook will appear first at the top of the list,  then scroll down and look for more. Believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed. You will now be landing on some of the more popular game pages that you didn't even know existed and they are mostly free to play, so bookmark your finds and come back to that site later.Now go on and finish searching for more Facebook Games.

The players see even  more addicting games and  play for hours on end, and a  recent poll tells us that  19% of Facebook game users say that they are hooked on  some of the more addicting games on Facebook, but have also played games from other sites listed on the Facebook platform. Some 20% of those users have even paid cash from their pocket to speed up the game or advance past their opponents, just to get to the in-game benefits, and 290 million people play every month. Money is being made from these games, but it doesn't have to be that way at all. There are tons of free games still available if you know how to search.

The  top games of Facebook are safe to play and will keep you entertained for years to come. But lets not forget the thousands or more addicting games that are hosted on Facebook, but are supplied to you by  individual game vendors and also from the game developer /owner in the private sector, and you access  for free and play forever. Have even  more addicting games at your fingertips whenever you need them and from one simple game location. Even more addicting games such as video games, free arcade games, browser based role playing games and all of the games from Facebook that you have learned to love, are here to stay, and with this newest form of online entertainment available for free in the comfort of your home, I cannot think of any reason why the best games on Facebook are not in some part of your daily life. There are more addicting games ranging  from simple arcade games to mentally challenging role playing games hidden among the Facebook pages that can keep you occupied for years. Any number of these games are family friendly games  and have attracted someone in almost every family. Social and casual online games are here to stay and the more addicting games are welcomed with open arms from the players who have made them so popular, and in some cases, even viral.

If you are like all of the other hard core gamers, you have had your days where you just searched forever on Google, looking  for even more addicting games to find and  play? I can tell you that you probably spent an entire evening at one point in your life and by the end of the night, after sorting through all the junk games, ad ridden popup game plays, gaming spam sites, fake game sites, and finally, the annoying popups and virus infected sites, you may have been lucky to bookmark and add just a few more addicting games to your list of Facebook games that you enjoy. Not only that, but you have had enough of the endless game searching for yourself, your kids, your family and you just want to spend quality time at home.

But what if you could get really selective and find a site that had thousands more addicting games, all centrally located on one site and where when you were done playing any given game, you would return to your game center and look at your choices again? Imagine the time and aggravation that you would be spared. Did you know that a place like this exists? Did you know that you can also search for more addicting games from the search box anywhere inside of your Facebook account pages? Yes, you can do either of these, and you will discover what other more addicting games are just waiting for you to access.

Ok, so by following my outlines here and knowing that you will have access to over 12, 500 more addicting games  from Facebook pages, do you think you'll ever need another free games site to start from? Ready to dive in and see what is waiting for you? Want to keep all of your favorite games together and not have to jump back and forth all over the web searching for the perfect site or games? How about really making it easy on yourself, and if you are ready to start by sampling over 12, 500 more addicting games in one trusted location, including all of the best arcade games, free browser games, Top RPG games, Role playing games of all types, fantasy,cartoon, virtual families, easy and difficult word and puzzle games, hidden objects games, and add those along with every conceivable  game you can think of.

If you want to start looking at my list and not go searching to find more games, go right ahead . Please visit and enjoy my following link, they are all just as fun and rewarding.

Explore over 12, 500 more addicting games below, and never go off searching the web again.

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