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Friday, August 12, 2011

Has Digital Products Made Your Life Easier?

Have Digital Products Changed Our Lifestyles ?

Has all of the confusion regarding digital products been driving you mad? Do you even know what your grandchildren are talking about when they mention Smart Phones, book readers, downloading files to their phone or iPad or iPod, checking out their Kindle, downloading apps, e-books, or Audible MP 3"s online? Chances are that if you are over the age of forty and have not been hearing or even using any digital devices in your life, then all of this new terminology and new digital products will sound like gibberish to your ears.

Even if you do understand the technology, the lingo is a whole new world also, and it's easy to get lost in the every changing and fast moving technology world. But there is help for the uninformed and it's easier and closer that you think. Try your local library...and in most larger cities, they can help you manuever around alot of these terms in our new electronic age of digital downloads

Downloading digital products, or files, in some cases, is as easy as going to your library, sitting down at an internet connected computer and folowing the rules to find your very own digital info product, Audio books, movies or even instructional files. And better yet, you can take these all home with you on your digital device. Your phones, your iPads, memory sticks, etc. Most any of the library staff will help you with the system of downloading digital files.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a computer, or an MP3 player or digital camera, or go on to the internet, or have an email account, or learn about blogs and MySpace, or buy a computer? Chances are, that if any of you have a grandchild in school, you can learn any one of these subjects and many more, by simply asking them to help you. Digital downloads are numbering the millions, and you can get your share of free or paid files just by getting online.

All you need is a home computer, Internet connection, a mobile media device (if you want mobility) and your library card to access thousands of audiobooks, music, movies, and eBooks through your Digital Library download system. they even have an instructional class to watch before you try to download any digital products. This class gives you the basics to utilize this service on your own computer, e-book reader, or smart phone and other mobile devices.

This collection lets you download your choice of thousands of bestsellers and classics, fiction and non-fiction. Both digital audiobooks and eBooks can be used on a variety of devices such as PCs, laptops, MP3 players and supported PDAs and smartphones. The tools you will need:

* Access to the Internet from your own personal computer (Please note that digital books can be enjoyed at home, at work, or when you travel, but are generally not for use on the computers in your library).
* A Valid Public Library card and PIN number to login
* Free software for the device on which you wish to use your digital book
* A compatible device (optional)*

You can browse or search most local library sites for digital books, movies, audio books or MP3 music files. When you locate a title of interest, simply add it to your Digital Book checkout and check out the title. If the desired digital book is not available, you may place a hold on the title.Once you have checked out the digital book, a download page will be displayed. Click the download link to download your digital book. Once the download is complete, you can close your Internet connection and enjoy your digital book offline. You will never accrue late fees with digital books. At the end of the digital book loan period, the title will expire and be automatically 'returned' to the library. At this time, you can delete the expired file from your machine.

Times are changing, however, as record labels acknowledge that providing consumers with the music they want, in the format they want it, is a much better way of encouraging people to pay for songs. A number of online music stores have launched in recent months that offer legal downloads from all the "big four" record labels, as well as hundreds of independents, in a universal, DRM-free MP3 format that can be used on any device.

The world now has millions of digital downloads for free or you can elect to purchase these digital products and own them for life.

If you would like to lean more about finding and downloading the best digital products , please see this page with Over 3 Million titles:
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