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Monday, August 16, 2010

Article Writing-Article Rewriting Promotion Brings Waves Of Traffic To Your Site!

Article Writing, Rewriting and Submitting To The Proper Online Article Directories Will Bring Endless Traffic

Whether you are just starting out in online marketing or are a seasoned veteran of website promotion, you've heard all the hype arounf Articles and article marketing.

No doubt, Article marketing is the key to long lasting FREE website traffic.
Web Traffic is basically the amount of visitor volume that reaches any given website, blog, article, or advertising link. If you have a website, you already know all about traffic. If you are just starting out in the web promotion world, you would probably want to have as many people visiting your website as possible, but like many small site owners, you don't have the capital to buy advertising to drive traffic to your site. Without paid traffic, your traffic to your site will be minimal. At least, thats what everyone has always told you.
But what if there was a way to achieve this goal without spending a dime? That way is article marketing. This is the free way to increase traffic overnight and it can take you anywhere from one hour a week to several hours, depending on the help you have, the tools you use and the way that you get the word out about your site.

Let me introduce you to the world of article writing, promotion and marketing. Today, there are vast numbers of websites getting all the free organic traffic that they have wished for and with proper practice and experience, you can have this same traffic going to your site.

It is important that visitors in your website MUST become interested in the product you are selling. When you have this type of visitor, this is called targeted web traffic. This is where relevant article marketing comes in. You simple create a relevant article about your product or website that you want to get traffic. You then write your 300-500 word article and be sure NOT to copy anyone elses material. Remember to include the URL of your website in the resouce box, which is where you tell 1-2 lines about yourself and inform the reader that they must click on your link to learn more. Remember that if the article is boring, your reader usually will not finish reading it, and then the resource box becomes useless as no one will ever read to the bottom of the article to see it.

The next step to success, is by submitting these articles to the top article directories and hundreds of lower ranked directories. You submit this article to any or all of the several hundred article directories listed on Google. Use as many as you wish. More articles bring more traffic, but remember, you must submit an original copy to each article website. Don't make the mistake of sending one original article to 100 sites, as Google will call them duplicate content and you will not get ranking credit for this to your website. To make several copies of your article is called spinning or rewriting. You can read more about this on my site later.

Article targeted traffic is one of the most important factors to insure the success of a commercial website. As far as paying for rewriting tools, software or automatic article submitters. You must decide HOW much time to allow each week to promoting your site to the internet. Myself, I usually spend 3-4 hours a week, but I have all the right tools, rewriters and directory submitters and have links below to show you video on these tools. The articles directories themselves offer FREE submission , however, some take weeks to months to publish and you are invited to pay a yearly fee to these sites if you want instant publications.

After years of writing articles, I have settled for manual article writing using some of my weekly alotted rare time. I then let my article rewriting company do the rest. Want to see a video of what happens once you submit your article, click here: ARTICLE WRITING

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